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Stelios Kois was born in the vicinity of Mount Athos in Greece. The Athonian surrounding red earth landscape, the monasteries with their mystic interplay of light and shadow and the introduction to Byzantine icon painting as a youth, were to have a lasting impression upon his later work. He moved to Rome where he studied at the “Universita degli studi di Roma”. A student architectural award gave him the opportunity to travel to Osaka, Japan. There he studied the Japanese tradition and its focus upon balance and the eloquent interaction of light and materials. Returning to Italy he collaborated with architectural practices and worked as a creative director. Later on, he moved to Athens where he completed his studies at the “National Technical University”. After a few successful collaborations he founded his own firm. This, an outcome of the necessity to express his vision of an architecture that embodied his taste for a purity of style which seemed to combine the physical and the spiritual serenity. His works testify to the coherence of this aesthetic vision but also demonstrate his ability to reveal its spatial essence by structuring the visitor’s experience of it.”Kois Associated Architects” work encompasses all fields of design, ranging from urban projects to private buildings, interiors, furniture and products. The design ethos of the collaboration is the synchronized engagement in practice and research that leads to the evaluation and generation of new solutions. Research topics are drawn from natural and social sciences in an attempt to form an interdisciplinary network of information that will inform the decision making process. “Kois Associated Architects” works in a continuous workshop spirit with a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, graphic artists and town planners from different cultural backgrounds. The practice’s view is that only through diversity and antithesis true innovative solutions can emerge.